Amazing Namasté
Orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal
Our Mission

We believe that only a decent and beneficial environment will give rise to goodness and integrity. As a safe haven for disadvantaged children, our orphanage Amazing Namasté offers shelter, nutritious food and a good education, but also loving care and hope. We give the children warmth and security until they are old enough to explore the world on their own. We want them to develop trust and self-confidence, so that they can become inspiring and resourceful members of society.

Our Story

When Christian Goldmann, CEO of the German cashmere manufacture friendly-hunting, first visited Nepal in order to establish the production of his cashmere garments, he also decided to do something for marginalized Nepali orphans whose plight he was confronted with. Apart from ensuring safe and attractive working conditions for his workers, he also wanted to improve the situation of these children. In 2008, he founded the association Namasté e.V. His vision, enthusiasm and passion made it possible to open the orphanage “Amazing Namasté” in 2013 in Kathmandu, where 16 children now enjoy the childhood that they deserve.

Our Future

For the children to be able to feel safe, continuity is key. The running of an orphanage is cost-intensive, and we need all the support we can get in order to be able to pay the wages of our staff and to finance the food, clothing and medical care for the children. We want to ensure a long-term perspective for the orphanage so that the children can grow up in a stable and nurturing environment. One of our wishes is to expand our activities into more rural areas outside of the city, so that our “city-children” can spend healthy time in the spectacular natural beauty of their country, getting away from the huge and often polluted city.

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Contact details for interested individuals and parties:

Christian Goldmann
CEO friendly-hunting and chair of the board of Namasté e.V.