Green Edu Care
Timisoara, Romania
Our Mission

Green Edu was born as a response to the need to change a mentality and a reality in which we do not find the values and principles of a sustainable future. We are actively involved in transforming ideas into positive actions. By implementing innovative projects aimed at improving the soil, water and air quality and by community and children involvement, through education, we build the foundation of a sustainable future. Our commitment, courage and determination can make the possible changes, regardless of the challenges.

Our Story

GreenEduCare love THE PLANET. Storytelling about Edible Agroforestry tells you what happens at the frontier between the world we inhabit and the world we imagine. The story of nature must be told. Everyone loves a good story, a love story about nature, climate, Earth, people... a story about the world we imagine.

Our Future

We want to green up all unused lands and raise awareness regarding good edible agroforestry practice for rural sustainability. (“Greening the mentalities, raising the responsibilities, developing rural sustainability”)

Contact details for interested individuals and parties:

GreenEduCare – Andreea Mihoc – President