Munich, Germany
Our Mission

Our mission is to end food waste where it begins. We are working with organic farmers to plant fields and use all their crop for our subscription boxes. Nothing has to be sorted out due to not complying with supermarket norms for produce: we take all fruits and vegetables and sell them to our customers. 

Our Story

The idea originated when our three founders Carsten, Chris and Georg decided to put an end to unnecessary food waste that supermarkets produce by rejecting produce that isn’t up to its high standards. The three friends had been interested in entering the market for online food and saw huge potential in connecting this field with fighting food waste. 

Our Future

Our long-term goal is to work more closely with our organic farmers, planning fields and cultivating produce together with them. In doing this, we can guarantee our farmers that we will take the entire crop and eliminate the risk for them having to throw away part of the crop because the market wouldn't accept it. 

Contact details for interested individuals and parties:

Martina Dach
Head of Communications