Finca Pata Negra
Almuñecár, Spain
Our Mission

This is our mission in a nutshell: We strongly believe that sustainable and organic cultivation is the only way leading to a healthier planet. However, this message has not yet arrived in the minds of many Spanish farmers, especially in the valley where our Finca is situated. The aim of this project is to show that a diverse permaculture, as conducted on our farm, can be just as economically successful as conventional monoculture and, in addition, do much good for the environment and for people alike. In the long term, we hope that our concept will carry over to the surrounding farmlands, since major improvements can only be achieved through a collective effort.

Our Future

In the years to come, the team of the Finca Pata Negra wants to spread the concept of organic agriculture, not only to the farmers of the surrounding valleys, but also to pupils, students and travelers. We want to share our concept with the world and hope that we can build something long-lasting and evolving.




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