Hand Over
Our Mission

Hand Over is a social enterprise; we utilize sustainable building techniques for the sake of community development. Our main focus is on designing and building beneficial buildings such as housing units, community centers, informal schools and clinics, for unprivileged communities around Egypt.

Our Story

The idea came to me when I was studying at the university. I was very interested in participating in student activities and volunteering work, I enjoyed it and I felt I was giving back to my community but I felt I could do more than the charity activities that we offer them, I felt I had more responsibility and I should help unprivileged communities with my background and knowledge. 

Our Future

Our ambitions are very high, we are in a constant change, expanding and evolving and we won’t settle until we reach to every person we can offer our help to. Our vision is to create a model that is flexible, replicable and sustainable and could be adapted to upgrade and rehabilitate unprivileged communities. We want to revolutionize the way governments and municipalities deal with such areas. We want to change their mindset and create a model that benefits the local community first. Currently we are working on couple of projects across Egypt. We always welcome volunteers in any field, whether to learn from our experience or support us with their knowledge. 
If you are interested to volunteer/work with us, you can drop us an email and if you are interested to support us in one of our on going projects, you can check our online campaign on Givingloop (www.givingloop.org/handover)

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Contact details for interested individuals and parties:

Email: info@handoverprojects.com