Hugger Island
Medellín - Colombia
Our Mission

We harness design to improve emotional wellbeing through what we call the ‘Circle of love’.  We design symbolic tools that help you and mother earth to believe and to trust that everything is possible if it comes from within. Our first symbol is the hugger, a doll with long arms and weights that simulates the sensation of a hug. With every hugger comes a little book, which tells his magical story.  The huggers arms are filled with seeds and when the owner feeds him with soil, sun and water the hugger returns to earth as a plant! That’s our circle of love. A heartening story about taking care of yourself and the world.





Our Story

In my 10 years working as a teacher, I created the Hugger Island and I have seen how the power of love can rebuild, encourage, motivate and enlighten people. When you embrace a Hugger, you embrace yourself and feel your own inner love.

When buying a hugger you support the women of Columbia, affected by disease, poverty and violence, who learn the practical skill of sewing through our project. Further, every time a hugger is bought, we donate one to hospitals or foundations for kids to experience the ‘circle of love’.

Our Future

I wish for every family to have a hugger in their home, that every foundation for the homeless, foster home and hospital to have at least one hugger as a heard warming tool, to work with children and adults. I want to distribute huggers across the world and subsequently to create empowering workshops for women. I plan to use donations to connect more strangers through a hug as well as building an active distribution network for our huggers and to generate 2 workshops for women in Colombia.

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Contact details for interested individuals and parties:

057 3006174820