Munich, Germany
Our Mission

We want to make the international packaging and shipping market eco-friendly. Our goal is to substitute styrofoam by a truly ecological alternative. Our answer to plastic insulation and transportation packaging is made from straw.

Our Story

More and more products, including fresh food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc. are being shipped. Today the standard insulation and shock-absorption packaging is styrofoam. Currently there is no alternative when it comes to insulation performance. Styrofoam is not recycled, it is made from crude oil and disposed in landfills. Knowing this, Landpack developed the first 100 % ecological and biodegradable alternative to styrofoam worldwide - based on pure straw fibres. Not only did we develop the product, but also the proprietary technology and fully automated production facility to process natural fibres into insulation and shock-absorption material. We do this without using glue or any other additives - only straw.

Our Future

For the first time, an agricultural side-product, such as pure straw fibres, can be processed for a wide range of applications. These fibres are currently largely underutilized, and do not compete with food production (such as starch). Up until now, there had been no choice for insulating and shock-absorbing materials except for styrofoam. We are continuously increasing our production capabilities to meet the demand for our packaging solutions, but our goal is to substitute styrofoam in many more industries. We would use the donation to explore new applications where we can replace styrofoam.

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