My Dream Home
Our Mission

Every Cambodian citizenship has a decent home to live.

Our Story

Kongngy was inspired by the kindness of a group of garment workers who despite having so little themselves and he wanted to help them back. Comparing between average house price compare and GDP per capita, it is impossible for people to buy a house in semi urban. Cambodia population is 15.1M and 6M live near poverty line (World Bank, 2017). MDH main objective is to be one of the country’s leading providers of high quality housing and real estate services for affordable housing for people earning below $8/day. My Dream Home develops interlocking bricks similar to the concept behind the famous Lego bricks.

Our Future

MDH plans to expand our services to help the residents who need it the most, mainly the semi-urban poor in Phnom Penh for at least 150 K by 2030. Delivering more effective services, while achieving cost savings through improved efficiencies and procurement, will help us to provide more houses for consumers. MDH is seeking fund (100K) from various donors/impact investor to:

  • Increase production capacity by 5 times in 2020.
  • Lower the price of bricks can lower down by 15% more
  • Keep the same net income (20%)
  • Franchise machines to provinces
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Contact details for interested individuals and parties:

Name: Mr. Kongngy Hav
Tel: +855 77 446 179