ProjectTogether is a partner community in which young creators and existing organizations work together to solve the biggest challenges of the future.

ProjectTogether is the first contact point to start a social or environmental project. Most people do not dare to pick up their ideas and to put them into practice, because they lack confidence. By personal guidance we make it very easy to get started with a social idea. That is why ProjectTogether provides telephone coaching with a very low threshold. The coaching is free and does not require any application. A new ProjectFounder is coached by former experienced and successful ones. Since we support social projects at the very early stage, this coaching does not include more than eight sessions. Each session targets to make the first steps easier by providing motivation and structure in order to transform fragile ideas into stable projects.


- Match you with a coach to help you work out how to plan and implement your project

- Give you challenging objectives to drive you in your project 

- Point you towards the resources you need to bring your project idea to life

- Offer a strong online-community of changemakers and experts


- Provide direct funding

- Take on tasks - your coach is there to guide you and not become a working member of your project

- Give you all the answers - instead we'll help you to learn how to find them for yourself!