Our Mission

Virtualahan ensures that the most excluded populations of society are given equal opportunities for high-level work in the new digital economy using an impact formula that integrates well-being sessions and community-building with digital job skills training. 
We equip our scholars with practical skills in data processing & analytics, digital arts & design, and digital marketing as well as essential skills in emotional intelligence, critical thinking, mindfulness, communication, and leadership. 

Our Story

Our founder Ryan dreamt to become a medical doctor to get his family out of poverty. He is the youngest of ten and neither of his parents finished high school. So he worked hard as a scholar and finished school with flying colours. He was offered jobs as a medical technician but got rejected from all of them because he has an incurable disease. He went into a dream shift and that's when he learned about social entrepreneurship. His lived experience helped him understand the root causes of the problem & he was able to listen to stories with similar realities. He formed a team & after two months of ideation, Virtualahan was launched.

Our Future

We aim to train 3,000+ by 2025 by expanding our community members to former drug dependents/sex workers/incarcerated, solo parents, indigenous people, & out of school youth. We also aim to improve our E-learning platform to enable other organizations to copy our model and to distribute their content.
We also want to remove language & cultural barriers to scale the program internationally via social franchising to at least ten countries within ten years.
Finally, we are doing the groundwork in institutionalizing our program in different local governments in the country.

Contact details for interested individuals and parties: