Earth Sense
Carcassonne, France
Our Mission

Create modern personal care products but only using traditional direct from plant ingredients. Reduce / remove all non recyclable packaging and replacing with 100% compostable, biodegradable and recyclable systems. Total focus on minimum carbon footprint and reducing ecological impact. Deliver traditional products that meet the modern demands of todays world.

Our Story


My background is surfactant chemistry and have worked with the biggest producers in Europe to formulate products using chemicals for major high street brands. These chemicals are carbon heavy and many rely on Palm Oil. We decided to look to nature for the natural products that the surfactants copy – making all our products with traditional from plant ingredients but with the modern convenience in mind. Ethics at the core with the lowest ecological impact on our planet is our mantra.

Our Future


Formulate natural alternatives to all the modern chemical based personal care products. By selling and promoting our current range we can further fund the development and registrations of natural alternatives ensuring they comply with our ethics and our commitment to "Leaping Bunny" Cruelty Free, COSMOS Organic and Palm Oil Free. All packaged in Zero waste materials ethically sourced. Better performing products that are in balance with our bodies and with nature, leading the way in the organic personal care sector.

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