Nuvi Nomad
Frankfurt, Germany
Our Mission

The design and fashion industry is all about creating beauty. But when observing the production processes, we find common materials like “genuine” leather and plastic being the major causes for high levels of pollution and suffering. In this world of fast fashion and a high turnover of products, we strive to offer our material alternative NUVI RELEAF leather. It is stunningly beautiful, reflecting nature, while presenting itself versatile and in many different colours. Working sustainable, fair trade and cruelty free is simply a part of our personality. By using our proprietary leaf leather for our collections, we can set our imagination free, focusing on creating spectacular designs while having an easy conscience.   

Our Story

The origins of our project lie in northern Thailand. A long tradition of different handy crafts like weaving, wood carving and paper making fuels the artisans creativity that are at home here, where we found an early version of what we work with today and call our NUVI RELEAF leather. From the leaves of the teak tree and what they call Saa paper, local artisans craft the basis for our material. With our own methods, we started to advance this product making it more durable and sustainable. Using a material for the production of our fashion and interior accessories that is made up of mostly natural material and is handcrafted brings joy. It radiates a positive energy that lies underneath it’s surface and anyone involved with us can benefit from this. No matter if you are sowing our material or wearing out one of our bags it’s meant to make you feel good.

Our Future

In the future, we plan to take it even further and use an easier to harvest and abundant crop to be able to produce larger amounts of our vegan leather alternative. However, the idea of working locally, fair trade and supporting traditional crafts will not change. We have put a lot of work and effort into developing the material to be as sustainable, elegant and progressive as possible offering quality and durability. This has been a time and money consuming endeavour, ventured by a single designer, me Nina Rössler. Luckily I was able to find support and work now with a small team of volunteering specialists to push this beautiful solution onto the market. However we can use your help and if you would like to donate please contact us directly at We are very thankful and are happy to give you more detailed information on our business plan. If you are interested in our products you can also place a pre-order on our website

Contact details for interested individuals and parties:

Nina Rössler (CEO // DESIGN)

Telefon DE: +49 0151 23258825