One Lamp
Uganda, East Africa
Our Mission

OneLamp envisions a world where every African household has access to modern clean energy. Our mission is to expand access to affordable modern clean energy solutions through innovative distribution networks and mobile payment technology at the bottom of the pyramid in Sub Saharan Africa.

Our Story


As the founder and C.E.O of OneLamp I envision a world where every African household has access to clean energy solutions. I know firsthand what it means not to have access to electricity as a Ugandan child who was born in a low income rural household in Uganda where the occasional source of light after dinner was from a kerosene lamp. I strongly believe no African child should have to go through the same experience to realize their dreams in the 21st century.

Our Future

At present OneLamp has setup the 1st regional distribution with a direct sales network of 460 village retailers/solar agents across 12 districts in Uganda. With the donation OneLamp will be able to enable over 250 offgrid households abandon kerosene lighting by purchasing a solar light system. School going children will be able to revise their notes for atleast 2 -3 hours in the evening. Financially, the offgrid households will be able to save cash that normally would have been spent on kerosene to be used for medication, clothing and diet improvement.

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Contact details for interested individuals and parties:

Name: Derrick Hosea Opio
Email: /
Tel: +256434660875