Original Unverpackt
Berlin, Germany
Our Mission

Original Unverpackt’s strives to help the general public understand that reducing their waste and living sustainably in their every day life is not only super necessary, but also simple and makes fun.

Our Story

In the beginning, the owner, Milena, saw there were lots of alternatives for sustainable living in the market, but not at the most crucial and basic of everyday life: groceries. Because no solution satisfied Milena, she decided to create it.

Our Future

We are still continuing our work in helping the greater sustainability and zero waste movement to grow. Our strong brand and large community will help us to spread the message for a sustainable lifestyle into the world. We see our future in the following areas: - create further unpacked and sustainable shopping experiences (further shops / franchising, online trade) - create own products (where there is no sustainable and waste-free alternative) - in education and knowledge transfer about on how to life your life sustainable (we are currently setting up an association).

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