Sinal do Vale
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Our Mission

Our mission is to empower local landowners of the Baixada Fluminense to become self-sufficient, while regenerating the Atlantic Rainforest through our market-driven regeneration model. Simply said: we will plant trees and make money while doing it! We are developing an economically viable and scalable agroforestry prototype, that can be transferred and replicated across the Baixada, growing produce under the rainforest and systematically building up a value chain that gives local farmers direct access to markets.

Our Story

We are located in the buffer zone between the urban sprawl of Rio de Janeiro called the Baixada Fluminense, and one of the last protected areas of the megadiverse yet highly endangered Atlantic Forest. Its deforestation is causing landslides, and loss of the primary source of water to Rio, and in addition, it is known for high unemployment, crime, and poor infrastructure. In the past, we have been experimenting with innovative ways to regenerate the forest, while working closely with the community through environmental education, sustainable food and infrastructure projects.

However, with time, we realized we were missing a key element: without including the power of markets, we will never restore our forests.

Our Future

The agroforestry model is already underway, beginning with local, large scale production of bio- fertilizers and compost to regenerate the soil in a cheaper and more efficient way. We started training local youths in agroforestry production; however, to develop a full-fledged curriculum that includes entrepreneurial skills, we need your help to support potential students with scholarships! In the long run we want to provide our trainees with a business plan that guides them step by step from seed to market. SINAL will facilitate the formation of a cooperative, which will buy their crops, process and market them under a shared brand.

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